The story of
Manger Bonard

The catering company Manger Bonard is the result of two passionate chefs, Tristan and Julie, who combined their love for cooking, commitment to local products, and culinary expertise to offer elegant and delicious buffets.

Their story is rooted in Normandy and Nouvelle-Aquitaine, two regions that share a rich and diverse gastronomic culture.

Together, Tristan and Julie decided to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure by creating the catering company Manger Bonard. Their ambition is to offer elegant and delicious buffets that showcase the local products of their respective regions. Their creativity and expertise quickly won over their clientele, who were seduced by their authentic and original approach to regional cuisine.

Their company is a symbol of celebration and sharing, with the name Manger Bonard combining elegance and gourmet pleasure for all joyful events in life.

Ultimately, the story of the Bonard catering company is that of two passionate chefs who dared to venture together to offer unique and elegant buffets.

Muxu x boujou raconte l'histoire de Manger Bonard


Julie was born in Médoc near Bordeaux. Her family is half Landais and half Basque. Julie grew up near the vineyards, with a deep love for gastronomy and Southwestern products, both in her mother’s dishes and in the family meals that marked her childhood.

Gathering around a good cheese and a fine bottle of wine, the excitement at the beginning of a meal accompanied by flourishing discussions around the table, the aroma of the kitchen and the focus that reigns before welcoming the guests—these are all aspects that have fueled her passion for the expansive field of catering

Muxu x boujou raconte l'histoire de Manger Bonard
Muxu x boujou raconte l'histoire de Manger Bonard


Tristan was born in Eure and has been a chef for 11 years in France, Australia, New Zealand, and Nicaragua. His wide range of knowledge led him to make choices. The first: to create Manger Bonard in his native region. He is deeply connected to his homeland through his roots and ancestors, many of whom were farmers. It is by working with and enhancing raw ingredients that he excels.

Today, he wishes to combine his knowledge with a modern and independent vision to create catering offerings that break away from the conventional.

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